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ISCAPS Integrated Surveillance of
Crowded Areas for Public Security

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End Users Club

ISCAPS is a R&D Project aiming to reinforce security for the European citizen and to downsize the terrorist threat by reducing the risks of malicious events. The ISCAPS Consortium plan a deep and concrete involvement of experts, potential users, worldwide citizens. In order to address these objectives, a specific ISCAPS End Users Group has been created to put in contact the ISCAPS Consortium with interested people. If you are interested in joining the ISCAPS End Users Group in order to receive further information about the ISCAPS Research and Project or if you wish to send us your comments and suggestions, please contact the ISCAPS End Users Group at

You will receive periodic information about the ISCAPS Project and you will be promptly informed about news, events and workshops concerning the Project and Security themes.

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